Christopher Santo Domingo Chan

I’m Head of Content at Cut & a Doctoral Candidate in the Dept. of Anthropology at the University of Washington. I work on contemporary problems in visual capitalism. 👀📉

My Research

My ethnography documents how cinematography, ocularcentrism, and contemporary capitalism revise one another with the help of proprietary algorithms.

I do this by making videos for the internet alongside creatives at, a digital video startup in Seattle, WA.



Visual Anthropology

Science & Technology Studies

Philosophy of Cinematography & Montage

History of Vision

Queer of Color Critique

Algorithmic Capitalism

Creative Labor

Software Studies

Technologies of Race & Racism

Entertainment Economies

Video Work and Exhibitions

My visual work engages a format hidden in plain sight: the short-form viral video one finds on a Facebook feed, during a YouTube binge, or scrolling on Instagram. I take these vernacular genres (like beauty videos or vlogs) seriously as an ethnographic participant and, in collaboration with other creators, ask how a viral medium can multiply social questions for wide audiences.


I design and teach courses on Visual Anthropology, the ethics and politics of data science, and the anthropology of popular culture at the University of Washington.

Anthropology offers essential analytic skills and social competencies urgently needed in a complex and unstable world. My pedagogical approach emphasizes the co-productive pursuits of technical or creative practice, theoretical interpretation, and social engagement.


I’m available for speaking events on a variety of topics (including media, cultural critique, anthropological perspectives on popular culture, and intersections between race, gender, sexuality, and technology). If you’d like to propose an event, workshop, or media appearance, please reach out!